3DMakerpro Introduces Pocket-Sized Scanner "Seal" for High-Precision 3D Prints


MUMBAI: A groundbreaking stride in the domain of 3D printing has been unveiled with the introduction of the "Seal" pocket scanner by 3DMakerpro. As first reported by WatcherTechno, this innovative technology presents a promising solution to the challenges encountered by both enthusiasts and professionals within the 3D printing community. While 3D printing has demonstrated its prowess in generating a myriad of objects through digital designs and 3D models, the process of crafting these models often proves intricate and time-intensive, leaving users dependent on community-generated content that might not always align with their creative vision. In response, the Seal emerges as a compact and user-friendly scanner, poised to streamline the process of transforming tangible objects into digital 3D models, facilitating seamless replication.

The Seal, alongside its counterpart, the Seal Lite, prominently champions "simplicity in scanning" coupled with "artistic detailing." This distinctive feature allows for the meticulous capture of objects with unparalleled precision, achieving an impressive threshold of 0.01 mm – a remarkable achievement within the realm of consumer-grade 3D scanners. Equipped with advanced technology, including a 24-bit high-quality color CMOS image sensor and a texture camera, the Seal series adeptly captures vivid full-color images and intricate textures in high resolution. This innovation breathes vitality into scanned models, preserving intricate details encompassing material textures and minute elements. Whether it's the vibrant scales of a toy dragon or the intricate nuances of delicate artifacts, the Seal and Seal Lite assuredly deliver accuracy and fidelity in the digital rendition.

The compact form factor of these scanners, akin to a standard pack of chewing gum, augments their portability, rendering them convenient companions for on-the-go scanning tasks even under direct sunlight, notes WatcherTechno. Powered by artificial intelligence and a sophisticated suspension system, these scanners ensure uncompromised quality regardless of the scanning environment. Enhanced by optical lenses featuring anti-vibration protection, users can anticipate consistent scanning outcomes regardless of external variables. The Seal series seamlessly amalgamates technological innovation with user-centric design, propelling a transformation within the realm of 3D printing and digital design.

Distinguishing itself, the Seal and Seal Lite proudly showcase the capability to scan objects sans the requirement for markers, a distinct advantage over comparable devices. Leveraging visual AI tracking, the scanner adeptly identifies the edges of the target object, eliminating the need for physical markers. Moreover, the scanners boast an array of scanning modes, including "Turntable," "Handheld," and "Turntable + Handheld," catering to diverse scanning preferences. Whether one seeks simplicity as a novice or customizability as an experienced user, the Seal series aptly accommodates a range of needs.

The Seal series features an impressive battery capacity of 10,000mAh, ensuring up to 240 minutes of continuous scanning. This prolonged battery life empowers users to scan multiple objects in a single session, establishing the scanner as a dependable tool for creators on the go. Be it scanning items for a tabletop role-playing game or capturing inspiration for a forthcoming project, the Seal scanner confidently bestows the prowess of high-precision 3D scanning to users' fingertips. The pre-order phase for the 3DMakerpro Seal is set to commence on August 29th via IndieGoGo, providing tech enthusiasts and creators an opportunity to harness the potential of this cutting-edge innovation.


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