Junooniyat 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi leaves Mehta house


MUMBAI:Ilahi says to Dolly please forgive me I know I made a huge mistake. Dolly drags Ilahi and shoves her. Jahan says what are you doing? Dolly says get out of here. You called me mom right? Your mom is dead. She shoves Ilahi out with her stuff. Ilahi walks out in tears. Everyone looks at her. Ilahi comes to Dolly and says I know I’ve hurt you a lot. Your anger is justified. But I love you a lot, that’s true. You’ve always been a mother to me. You gave me so much love. Please forgive me. She says please forgive me. Bau ji says you came here for Dolly. Ilahi meets everyone. They all huge her in tears. Ilahi looks at Jahan. Jordan says this will be first step to bring back Ilahi in my life. Ilahi picks her bag, Jahan picks it for her. He takes it to the bag.

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Jahana says thankk you for this favor on me. Ilahi says I did it all for Dolly. Jahan says I know you still have some feelings in your heart for me. Ilahi looks at him in shock. Jahan says I wanna live my life with this hope. Ilahi leaves. She sits in the car. Jahan looks at Ilahi in tears. He says at least you got rid of this lie. Jordan dances with Ilahi’s caricature. He says now you will not be with Jahan. You will be all mine now. Mahip comes ot Jordna and says are you happy onw? I never thought you’re such an idiot. He says it’s my love. Mahip says this Ilahi hates you, she wants to divorce you. Why did you cancel the deal with Jahan? Jordan says he’s a zero in front of me. Sultan is nothing. Mahip says get out of your bubble. If I wasn’t there not even 10 people would come to your concerts. You don’t even have 10% of Sultan’s talent and you would always need me. Jordan says my decision won’t change. Ilahi will come back to this house as my wife. You can do whatever you want. Mahip burns Ilahi”s caricature. Jordan shouts.

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Ilahi meets her lawyer. She says I need to get done with that demon. How long do I’ve to wait for divorce? Jordan puts bullet in gun and puts it on his head. He says let’s play a game. He says Ilahi won’t come. It doesn’t shoot. The lawyer says if you file a domestic violence case your divorce case can go faster. Amar says we should do it. Biji syas now you will send your husband to jail. Husna says we should do it. You’ve proofs and witness. Ilahi asks would it harm his family? The lawyer says potentially. ilahi says I can’t punish his family for his sins. Jordan shoots again and says Ilahi won’t come.

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