Junooniyat 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Jahan gets shot


MUMBAI:Jahan places bombs in the kitchen. He says llet me distract them this way and Ilahi can get people out. They hear a huge blast. People panic. The terrorists ask them to stay put. He asks inspector what did you do? She says there is a blast. We didn’t do it. People panic. Ilahi takes them to back side. She tries to break the window. Jahan comes there. He tries to break the window. The terrorists come there and take them back inside. He slaps Jordan. Ilahi jumps out of the window. The terrorist asks them where did she go? Ilahi comes back. The terrorist hits Jordan and says because of you people some people ran. Ilahi says he didn’t do anything. Please let him go. They find Ilahi’s locket with Jahan’s picture. They say this girl is plotting something with the guy who came as the doctor. Her phone is also missing. They ask Ilahi who is it? She says my friend, he respects me a lot. The terrorist slaps Ilahi Jordan shouts. They say we will slap her. They say we’d rather kill Jordan. Ilahi says no please. Don’t harm my husband. You can shoot me. Jordan is shocked to hear that. The terrorist says both of you will die togther.

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Jahan sneaks in from the window with the police. They fight with the terrorists. People start running. Ilahi takes people out. She asks Jordan are you okay? Jahan asks what happend? Ilahi says they hit Jordna a lot. All terrorists get arrested. Jordan stops the terrorist with police and starts hitting him in anger. Jahan and Ilahi try to stop him. In the chaos another terrorist takes inspector’s gun and says I will shoot her. He asks Jordan to move. He points the gun at Ilahi and says she’s the reason behind us getting caught. He shoots Ilahi. Jahan comes in front of her. He gets shot instead. jahan falls down. Ilahi screams. Ilahi runs tto him. She picks Jahan. Jordan looks at them in shock. Ilahi cries and begs people to call ambulance. Ilahi says please open your eyes. You have to live for Dolly aunty. Ilahi cries and calls for ambulance. Ilahi screams and cries. She says I wont’ let anything happen to you. She hugs him crying. Jordan looks at them in shock. Jaha moves his hand. He touches Ilahi’s face. Ilahi cries. Ilahi says open your eyes. Paramedics come and take Jahan to ambulance. Ilahi runs with them.

Jahan is rushed to the hospital. Ilahi cries and says I won’t let anything happen. Please open your eyes. He holds her hand. Jahan gets taken to emergency. Ilahi cries and prays for his life. Dolly gets to know. They all rush to the hospital in panic. Inder tries to calm Baljeet and Dolly.

Ilahi asks the doctor if Jahan is okay? He says please sign this consent form. We’ve to operate as soon as possible. You’re his wife right? You can sign. We can’t start the operation without your sign. Ilahi takes the form. Seerat comes and snatches it from her. She says how dare you. Jahan is in this condition because of him. She is not his wife. You’re nothing to Jahan. She screams. Amar comes there. 

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 Ilahi hugs Amar and cries. She says Jahan.. Amar says nothing will happen to him. Jahan’s family comes as well. Seerat tells them operation has started. Dolly comes there. She cries and faints. Inder and Baljeet try to calm her. Dolly says I will die if anything happens to my son. Ilahi tries ot go to them. Amar stops her. She says I ca’nt leave Dolly alone. Jordan comes there. Ilahi says what are you here for now? You wanted this to happen. You wanted Jahan to go away from me right? That won’t ever happen. No one can take Jahan from me. Not you, not God. Everyone is shocked ot hear this.

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