Spoiler Alert! Kundali Bhagya: Life-and-Death Drama Unfolds - Rajveer's Revenge Puts Karan in Peril

ZEE TV's Kundali Bhagya takes a gripping turn as Rajveer's vendetta jeopardizes Karan's life in a shocking hospital tragedy.

MUMBAI: Hold your breath, Kundali Bhagya fans, as ZEE TV's serial takes an unexpected plunge into suspense and danger. The upcoming episode unfolds a heart-wrenching tragedy in the lives of Karan and Preeta, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

The storyline takes a dark turn as Karan, valiantly trying to save Preeta, finds himself in the crossfire and gets shot. Preeta, in a race against time, endeavors to save her husband, but a crucial obstacle arises - Karan urgently needs blood, and Preeta's efforts to secure it lead to a shocking mishap in the hospital.

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In a cruel twist of fate, the blood, obtained through Preeta's determined efforts, spills in the hospital, rendering her attempts futile. The only hope lies in the hands of Rajveer, a figure from the past with a deep-seated vendetta against Karan. The tension escalates as Rajveer, fueled by revenge for his mother's pain, adamantly refuses to donate the life-saving blood.

The enmity between Rajveer and Karan reaches new heights as Rajveer contemplates letting Karan perish in the hospital. The looming question arises: Will Preeta be able to navigate this life-and-death situation if Rajveer remains unyielding in his resolve?

As Kundali Bhagya unfolds this gripping narrative, fans brace themselves for an emotional rollercoaster, wondering if Karan will survive Rajveer's shocking step or if this marks the tragic end of a beloved character.

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